Steak Restaurant Postillion - your à la carte meeting point for the winter

Known for its delicious Chateaubriand from 2 persons, Postplatter,

Various steaks, BBQ fish dishes, soups, salads and desserts.

Open from from 06:00 p.m. until 10:30 p.m.

We also accept group reservations.

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  • À la carte evening menu

    WINTER 2018 / 2019


    • Carpaccio of Maredo beef
      with rocket salad, capers, Maldon salt
      and parmesan (E/L/N)
    • Home marinated Fjord salmon
      with Hofmeister sauce (honey-Dijon mustard-sauce) (D/L/M)     


    • Oxtail consommé
      with porcini ravioli (A/C/E)
    • Truffled winter roots cream soup
      with celery straw (L/G)

    Steak specialties

    • Surf and Turf (L/M)
      filet steak of Maredo with shrimp
    • Filet steak of Maredo beef (250 g) (L/M)
    • Lady steak of Maredo beef (180 g) (L/M)
    • Rib eye steak of Hereford beef (280 g) (L/M)
    • Filet of organic pork (250 g) (L)

    Potato side dishes

    • Baked potato with sour cream dip (G/L)
    • Homemade French fries
    • Potato wedges (L)
    • Truffled sweet potato French fries


    • Hotel Post grilled vegetables (capsicum, mushrooms, red onions and courgettes) (L)
    • Green beans with bacon (L)


    • Béarnaise sauce (C/G/L)
    • Pepper sauce (A/G/L)
    • Port wine sauce (A/G/L)


    • BBQ Sauce (C/L)
    • Café de Paris butter

    Specialties Steak Restaurant Postillion

    • Chateaubriand for 2 persons (500 g)
      carved on the table with pepper sauce and béarnaise sauce, homemade French fries,
      Hotel Post grilled vegetables (colourful Paprika, mushrooms, red onions and courgettes)
      and rosemary potatoes (C/G/L)
    • Post plate from 4 persons
      4 x filet steak (150 g), 4 x ½ rib eye steak,
      for 4 persons roasted filet of pork wrapped in bacon
      with baked potato and sour cream dip, homemade French fries, croquettes pyramid,
      green beans with bacon, Broccoli and cauliflower in butter crumbs,
      Hotel Post grilled vegetables (colourful Paprika, mushrooms, red onions and courgettes),
      pepper sauce and béarnaise (A/C/G/L)

    • Postkutschertopf
      beef and pork filet in Madeira sauce with bacon, mushrooms,
      cherry tomatoes and roasted potatoes (G/L)
    • Filet skewer
      beef and pork filet with bacon, onions,
      potato wedges and grilled courgette slices (L)
    • Steak Post Burger 
      Maredo beef filet with roasted sesame bap
      served with bacon, rocket salad, tomato
      and onion jam (A/C/E/G/M/N)

    Fish dishes

    • Tuna filet
      with fresh fettuccine noodles, sugar snap
      and champagne-lime-nage (A/C/D/G/L/N)
    • Grilled salmon filet
      with butter potato, saffron cream
      and grilled cherry tomatoes (A/C/D/G/N/L)


    • Caesar salad
      with roasted chicken breast,lettuce
      with Caesar dressing and parmesan (A/N)
    • Caesar salad
      with roasted shrimps,crisp lettuce hearts,
      Caesar dressing, parmesan, croutons and red currant (A/N)
    • Side salad
      with vinegar or balsamic dressing


      • Hotel Post sundae
        with vanilla ice cream, walnut ice cream & chocolate ice cream,
        chocolate sauce, nougat sauce, brittle, nuts, whipped cream (A/E/F/G/H)
      • Caramelized small sliced pancakes "Kaiserschmarrn"
        with stewed plums (A/C/G)
      • Green apple sorbet
        with Mon Cheri cherry
      • Gingerbread tiramisu
        with ice cream made of tonka beans

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