Testa Rossa - Bar-Lounge-Café

Our Bar-Lounge-Café is the meeting point of the hotel in the afternoon and in the evening.

  • À la carte afternoon menu


    • Old Viennese soup pot (C/L)
    • Goulash soup
      with pastry (A)
    • Tomato soup
      with basil foam (A/G)


    • Caesarsalat
      roasted chicken breast on lettuce hearts, avocado,
      Himalayan salt, parmesan topping and puff pastry (A/F/G/L)
    • Testa Rossa salad of Maredo beef
      with grilled beef filet tips on leaf salads
      served with raspberry dressing, winterly berries and parmesan grid (F/G/H/L)

    Postburger & More

    • Post beef burger of Angus
      in a roasted sesame bap roll with cheese, bacon, red onion rings,
      BBQ dip, leaf salads and French fries (A/C/G/M/E/N)
    • Post chicken burger
      chicken filet wrapped in cornflakes served in a cross sesame bap,
      salad, lime sour cream and French fries (A/C/G/M/E/N)
    • Rib eye steak of Maredo beef (250 g)
      with pepper cream sauce, green beans with bacon
      and homemade French fries (A/B/C/G)
    • Steak toast of Maredo filet (180 g)
      with rocket salad, onions, bacon and BBQ sauce (A/C/F)
    • Escalope of organic veal "Viennese style"
      with raspberries and lemon, (A/C/G)
      and lettuce, sour cream with lime, pepper-honey-dip and French fries
    • Happy Sandwich
      with brown sugar, grilled breast of chicken in toasted bread on a salad bed,
      cocktail sauce, tomato-rosemary-skewer, bacon chips and fresh thyme
      and spring onions
    • Toast with ham and cheese
      with ketchup or mayonnaise (A/F/G) 
    • Portion of french fries
      with ketchup or mayonnaise (C/E/F/M)
    • Portion bread

    Cakes, Tarts & Dessert

    • Apple strudel from the styrian apple
      served with vanilla ice cream
    • Blueberry dumplings
      with vanilla-pomegranate-shot and carmagnola mint
    • Homemade chocolate cake
      with whipped cream
    • Homemade belgian waffels
      with sour cherry ragout

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