The Hotel Post in Saalbach
a place with history

Traditional hospitality has played an important role here at the Hotel Post for over 550 years.

Glemmertal has been populated since ancient times and used to be an ancient transport route from Pinzgau to Tyrol. In comparison Saalbach – the modern day main town in the valley region – is relatively young. In 1350 it appeared to have been little more than a yard. The settlement increased in size thanks to the rise of the mining industry. It is not known how long the church has been standing – it was first mentioned in documents in 1410.

The town became noticeably bigger in the 15th century and there is proof of this from the year 1431. In this year Hermann Grieser, master of the archbishop’s household and custodian of all goods forming part of the archbishop’s manorial system, allowed the brothers Heinrich and Nikolaus Habichler to serve wine and set up a tavern in their house in "Saalbach" - the present-day "Hotel Post". In order to do this they had to pay an annual interest rate of one Pound Pfennig. This is one of those uncommon cases where the age of a hostelry – our Hotel Post – can be precisely determined.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Hotel Post in Saalbach which is charged with history and rich in traditions!